Lauren’s Logos was recently featured in Mitzvah Market’s main story about Names/Initials in Bar Bat Mitzvah logos. 

"Bar and Bat Mitzvah families are very creative when it comes to incorporating their child’s name or initials into their Bar or Bat Mitzvah logo.

These designs are then used to brand their child’s celebration. We have seen these logos used on everything from the custom stamps, centerpieces, cakes, to their party favors and more!
Don’t worry, 13 years ago when you were naming your child, you weren’t thinking about their Bar Bat Mitzvah logo. We hope these ideas will inspire you for your own child’s logo!

Here are some clever ways we have seen names incorporated into the Bar/Bat Mitzvah logo and then used on a variety of party elements.  Lauren's Logos works with her client's to create clever ways of incorporating their first or last name into a familiar logo."
                                                                                                                                              March 17, 2016

Highlights of Lauren’s Logos creations include Madison Square Jordan, Matt TV, Shapiro Night Live and Drew Tube! 

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